By  Alejandra Piot

Following the winter holidays, 16 selected youngsters had the opportunity to be empowered to be future youth leaders in Europe, when they gathered for the Winter Training of My Europe, My Say! All of this happened in a small town next to Bamberg, Germany in January.

The cozy atmosphere in the countryside house made the 5 days training a unique experience for the participants and their trainers. The 16 selected young people received from 09.00-22.00 to intense sessions about leadership, youth empowerment, and communication at the training: some necessary essentials to be able to drive their future in youth organizations and become a leader in the youth field.

We had 4 trainers delivering great and professional content for all 5 days, that was really inspiring for everyone and made all the participants enjoy every minute of the training. These intense five days successfully created an atmosphere where the whole group came to feel like a family, with high level of trust and a safe space for sharing. Over the five days, the participants were empowered to take the lead and draft their new path regarding this topic, and how they will implement everything learned here afterward. With refelction on a past perspective, how did you end up here, and future perspective, where do you see yourself in five or ten years, we finished the event with a lot of future achievements that we hope to see around of our networks in the future months and years.

For all of this including a successful training, we have to appreciate the effort of the trainers from AISEC, that accepted the challenge of training this generation of youngsters; to the AEGEE-Academy, for their endless efforts with the coordination of this successful event; and last, but not least, AEGEE-Bamberg, for taking the opportunity of hosting this experience, creating this cosy environment, and taking care of this group of people for five days.

As a participant from the training I want to finish saying: “let us not leave this experience in Bamberg, and let us keep creating experiences that enrich our minds and develop our skills, in order to achieve a better world for ourselves“.