Yes, it can. 

The Democracy Alive Festival (DEMFest) was a European democracy festival, organized inspired by Scandinavian democracy festivals, organized by European Movement International.

For a few days in April 2019, citizens from all over Europe were invited to a remote location in the Netherland, a special festival dedicated to Europe. Though, instead of music, the festival is filled with political talks and debates with politicians, NGOs, and other political stakeholders.

The event took place in the city center of Den Burg on the island of Texel, and with no fee, everyone could attend. This island is a touristic place, and thus quite some fluctuation of tourists and local people was expected. The festival featured some of the biggest names in European politics: ALDE Spitzenkandidat Margrethe Vestager, EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier, and European Greens Spitzenkandidat Bas Eickhout

During the whole festival, we had rented a tent space to live promote our app, as well as answer questions about the EU and youth, and the “My Europe, My Say” project. We handed out flyers and Harry Potter style elections prophets. The scoop of the event was when the Competition Commissioner Vestager tried our app.

In addition, we had the following activities in our tent:


Event Title Description Info
Recommendations speed dating Young people don’t sleep! They create synergy. And in the past months, young people from all over Europe helped us with making their ideas for better youth-focused EU. Their recommendations for the new team of Members of Parliament follow the topics of the EU Youth Strategy and show that the youth is ready to fight for its future. How you can take part? Come, join, give us your reflection on the ideas that we will bring the European Parliament. Walk-in activity with handouts of recommendations and the possibility to comment
Oh, Dem Principles! Is voting at 16 going to bring the young people to the ballots? Are young people too young to run? Should voting be compulsory? Oh, all of those democracy based fundamental questions need discussion. Are you ready to have your democracy principles shaken? Fishbowl Discussion
Why Vote? Why the heck should we vote? Share your ideas about your passion and whether we should vote or not! Open Space where people could write their motivations on the walls.
Show off your EU knowledge You are engaged with Europe – but how much do you know? Check your knowledge with our kahoot and win some prizes! Pub quiz style