The HOMIE week was part of the Orientation Programme of the RWTH Aachen University for new international and exchange students. This week, the students are introduced to the German culture, get information about formalities (banks, studies), how to vote from abroad, and get to know each other.

The international community was specially targeted at this welcome week, as these students were to stay in Aachen for one semester or longer, which means they were in Aachen during the European Parliament Elections in May 2019. Most of the exchange and international students in Aachen come from EU countries – and they were, therefore, able to cast their votes. As the HOMIE week was early enough for most EU citizens to register still, we used this opportunity to tell hundreds of students about our App For this we used promotional material, flyers were printed that highlighted the European Parliament elections and our app, as an integrated part of the welcoming week program.

During the weeks following our promotion, AEGEE-Aachen had several follow-up events, in which they used the materials provided by the project to give workshops such as the “Why European Parliament?”. We had additionally, the tutors of international students to advertise the following months, to ensure an informed vote, workshops about the working of the EU and its institutions were carried out at the beginning of May.