How successful is the European project in 2019?
Is it still on the right track towards democracy, unity and the better world?

Europe on Track is a project run by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues of the continent. We are ready for a challenge to answer these questions above and many other important questions over the months of March and April 2019.

Let’s go?


Thanks to Interrail and Erasmus+, 6 brave ambassadors in 2 teams 🔴 🔵 (each with 1 videographer, 1 photographer and 1 interviewer) will travel by train 🚂♻️ across Europe to deliver workshops, interview young people and organize events in cooperation with 200 volunteers from over 20 cities in Europe.

Right now, our 6 ambassadors are in Istanbul with the project team, to prepare for their jouney and adjusting the workshops. On the Instagram page, you can get a look into the preperations and the journey and in our events page you can see all stops of the two routes




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