European School on Leadership

Have you been waiting for the event that will help you boost your leadership skills? Then this was the perfect event! At the end of November, AEGEE-Academy and AEGEE-Delft worked together to organize this European School on Leadership.

This 5-day-event started with the arrival day where all the leaders were arriving at the accommodation. After everyone arrived, it was time for some ‘get to know each other’ games! A lot was learned after that session and the leaders were warmed up for the city tour of our beloved Delft. Since Delft is quite a small city, everything can be done on foot (get a bike, it’s much faster). The leaders thought that the training sessions had not begun, but boy they were wrong. The first lesson of this event was that you are able to accomplish anything as long as you are confident. With that lesson in mind, try to find out what the form of the poles at the ‘beestenmarkt’ are for. After a beautiful and fact-checked city tour the day came to an end.

Next day it was time for the training sessions where the leaders were experiencing various workshops to improve their leadership skills. Skills such as non-verbal communication, public speaking and conflict management were the tip of the iceberg of these sessions. The trainers were experienced, helpful and contributed more, than only giving the workshops. A bond was created between the leaders and the organisers that made this event much more memorable. After a long day of workshops, it was time for dinner and there was nothing better than the cooking skills of Marlijn.

After days of workshops and social activities, the European school on Leadership came to an end. This event would not be possible without the efforts of the trainers, the local-organisers and of course the leaders. This was an unforgettable experience, so if you missed this event, stay tuned for the next one!