YEAH – Young European Activists’ Hub, will take place 5th-7th April 2019 and will be the first festival of European Youth Engagement in Turin! The YEAH – Young European Activists Hub is organised by AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE-Torino, and will benefit from the institutional support the European Parliament, the Municipality of Turin and of local foundations.

A month and a half before the European elections, this event aims at underlining the role of young people in the European project and at empowering them to take ownership of its future, first and foremost by voting at the next European Parliament elections. The red thread of the YEAH Festival will be young people and the European elections, and will create a platform for young people to engage in a meaningful dialogue with policymakers and stakeholders. Teams and partners will present their activities related to civic engagement, active citizenship, and the European Parliament elections, and organise both high-level panel discussions and interactive, participatory activities to engage the visitors in a dialogue on the role of the European Parliament and the importance of voting.



Turin nightlife at its finest. Events all around the city. Their aim is to broaden the cultural offer of the festival by giving visibility to the local recreational community

They are the beating heart of the festival: workshops where to debate about participation in the European election; politics of the Union, and the cultural process behind its institutions

The main event, a conference where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the results of the talks with stakeholders and decision-makers of the European panorama

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YEAH will take place around the Final Conference of the Y Vote conventions and the project hubs, where the Youth Agenda is assembled. In addition, the attendence of #TeamBlue of Europe on Track for YEAH in Turin is confirmed.