Network Meeting Aachen: Tri-Aachen; No Borders No Cry

This Network Meeting took place from the 21st until the 24th of November 2019 in Aachen, Germany. It gathered 32 participants from various locals around the network. As there was no application from the Pancake area and two from the Kraut Crowd it was decided by the Network Commission that Maya would organise NWM-Passau and me, Saramijn would organise NWM-Aachen, making this Network Meeting a hybrid Kraut Crowd/Pancake Area Network Meeting. The aim of this NWM meeting was to give participants a space to learn from the various sessions but mostly from each other. Based on needs assessment and input from other Network Commissioners the main needs of both areas were pinpointed at ‘member recruitment’, ‘member activation’ and fundraising. Therefore the NWM had a lot of focus on HR and the session organised by the Comite Directeur was on the topic of fundraising. Other than this, a range of topics were also provided such as Mental Health, Sexual Harassment and Consent, best practices, AEGEE projects, a project hub, local introductions and others. With this, we hoped to increase participants’ knowledge on what AEGEE entails and what it can offer them and aim that participants take home this knowledge and apply this to their local.

One of the most notable sessions was the My Europe, My Say session: Grants & funded projects; Bring your local to the next level!
This session was divided into three parts. In the first part of the session, the definition of a grant was explained and why they’re important to you and your local. It was explained which grants are there to apply to and it was highlighted which were the most important to us as AEGEEans.
In the second part, participants were divided into groups and each got an explanation about one of the grants (Erasmus+ Key Action 1, KA2, KA3, European Youth Foundation IA, EYF PA), these grants were then discussed within the groups and finally presented to all the participants.
The final part of the session showed the participants examples of AEGEE projects and which grants they fell under to give them an example of how they can apply and use these grants. Furthermore, it was discussed how to apply for grants and some tips were given. The session was experienced as very useful and interesting!

This Network Meeting was created to stimulate dialogue between people, to have important discussions and further people and their locals. Not only this but participants got to explore the beautiful city of Aachen, enjoy the Christmas market and make new friends during the cantus and other social program festivities. The organisers and I all hope we succeeded in making this an interesting event and hope that participants had fun and learned a lot!


Europeanly yours,Saramijn Luijken
Network Commission