Network Meeting: the Neverending Story

Network Meeting: the Neverending Story was one of the Autumn Network Meetings of AEGEE in 2019. From October 31st to November 3rd, 14 organisers (both logistics and content) and 45 participants, coming from different parts of Spain, Germany, gathered in the beautiful location of Coto Escolar in the city of León, Spain.
The aim of this event was to connect young Europeans from different places, share best practices and do project hub in order to build a better future, all these objectives achieved through non-formal education. In addition, there was a city tour so that people could discover the beauty of León and a social programme in order to connect people also in the free time and develop their intercultural competence through informal education.

The first day, organisers welcomed participants and celebrated AEGEE-León’s anniversary.
Then, on the second day, the sessions started and participants learnt about internal issues of the association, how to deal with sexual harassment and shared best practices about different topics related to equal rights, European citizenship, youth development and civic education. The day was closed with an entertaining gymkhana with a literary theme.
On Saturday, participants visited the city of León and then took part in dynamics so as to share best practices regarding communication, team building and how to work in a group in the morning. After lunch, they worked hard on project hub about different topics raising many issues to consider and proposing new projects which have been implemented since that time.
Sunday was the last day and we had an open space where there were proposed topics such as how to make games and activities better in terms of inclusion and other issues to discuss in smaller groups. After that, participants had the opportunity to give feedback to organisers. As a last activity, everyone gathered to connect to each other by sharing something good they know another antenna is doing.
They were amazing days in which people could connect with other youngsters from different parts of Europe, share best practices about many different topics, think about future projects and have a great time.

All this was possible thanks to AEGEE-León, the content team (Network Commission and Comité Directeur), the enterprises that helped AEGEE León giving things to be used by the participants, the University of León and, of course, My Europe My Say project, which allowed more participants to travel to León and this way, the event was more inclusive