NWM Isparta

A 4-day capacity building event targeting young people; aged 18-25, who have a keen interest in youth policy and leadership. The event will offer participants a space to learn more about national youth policy-making processes, the way to make projects happen and ways to influence youth policy stakeholders at a local and national level. This event also makes the youth people gathering from all networks and make knowledge transformation to move forward in their locals.  The event will also offer soft skills workshops where participants can develop their capacities in terms of public speaking, ambassadorship and negotiation skills.

In general, the event contained a lot of thematic workshops and thematic networking activities. A lot of different Thematic Bodies/Projects of AEGEE Europe took place in the event. The content was diverse in many sense so that participants most of the time find something interesting for themselves. Last day, during the evaluation of the event from all the participants that were still there it was stated that content was gathered with all the experienced trainers very accordingly.  Local organisers fulfilled their duties fully and helped to make the event enjoyable, productive and definitely memorable. Since it was their very first event this was greatly appreciated by all the participants and trainers.