The following Network Meeting was held between the 5th and 8th of December 2019 in Passau, Germany. It gathered 37 participants from different areas of AEGEE network. The content was prepared by Network Commissioners Maya Tielemann and Margarita Semchenko as well as external trainers: Álvaro González Pérez (Comité Directeur), Evita Ločmele (Human Resources Committee), Paulina Böhn and Natasha Jürgens (Mediation Commission).


The aim of the event determined its purpose: Leave Your Footprint. Local organizers focused on the sustainability of the event and our footprint on the whole planet by reducing the wastes to its maximum and providing exclusively vegan and vegetarian meals throughout the course of the event. The trainers made their mission for participants to realize their potential and understand their purpose within the organization and towards other members.
The event contained a lot of thematic workshops and networking activities. Due to the fact that this Networking Meeting was organized by 2 Network Commissioners participants were offered different parallel sessions to choose from depending on their interests and level of experience within the association.

The wide selection of diverse sessions allowed participants to actively network within smaller groups, gain more knowledge of the project or team management which they were able to put into practice during the Project Hub. Moreover, they got a chance to share their best practices and get more acquainted with grants, external projects, and how it can bring their locals to a new level. Besides that, the focus was put on each participant and their self-development as individuals and soft skills knowledge. They were able to explore such topics as conflict and time management, mental health, and develop personalized strategies in learning and training within the association.

Local organizers fulfilled their duties fully and helped to make the event enjoyable, productive, and definitely memorable. Special thanks to main organizers Ann Kristin Gildhoff and Natasha Jürgens. Overall feedback of the event was positive and many sessions received 8.5 (on a 10-point scale) on average. It was received via the online form and filled in by 70% of the participants.