Young people were at the end of April 2019 invited from all over the EU to take part in all free activities, debates, and music performances, all happening right outside the European Parliament in Brussels.

This year’s YO!Fest joined the European Commission and the European Parliament to celebrate European Youth Week with an action-packed program of activities organized by the European Youth Forum and their member organizations (amongst other WOSM and AEGEE). This is the year’s topic of YO!Fest was for young people to take action, vote for their future and engage with the debates shaping Europe right now. In WOSM and AEGEE we stood side by side for 2 days, and dedicate our spaces to My Europe, My Say!

From AEGEE we welcomed:

  • Europe on Track ambassadors and project team members (project manager, content manager, and route manager)
  • Y Vote (app manager)

From WOSM we welcomed:

  • Campaign coordinators from NSOs/NSAs

Our tents offered activities on youth participation, a stand for My Europe My Say activities implemented by AEGEE and WOSM, quizzes, collecting wishes for Europe, a display of our visibility items, resources developed, and material. Visitors could explore elements and results of My Europe My Say, and hear the personal about the state of participation, told by the volunteers in our organizations. 

In the evening there were music performances from Belgian and international headliners and a live stream of the Maastricht debate. The evening program offered the participants space to chill and enjoy meeting new and old friends.